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I am a programer! Mostly...

Long time ago, around /2002/ when this story starts. I was 14 and studying to be a network arhitect when suddenly I met with HTML. Gosh, was it a fast and joyful time.

In less then a week I had a running website, and in the following months I started to code in PHP, but pretty soon realized the fact, without Javascript the site is just lifeless. Even tho, my little site had 250k visitor monthly :)

After my teenage years I took my hobby and turned into a job, in my early 20's, I have worked with many smaller firm, and developed many different ERP systems. I am still happy to think back to those times, my personality can be overwhelming for many, but for this exact reason I am a natural team leader, over those years I always had my strong and passonate team.

But time goes on, and when I passed the quarter of century birthday, I knew that, "I want more", so I started to work as CTO at a software development company. This was the first step toward my life goal.

It's close to impossible but I will make it, one way or an other. Because I wana be a person like Martin Fowler . He is my exemplar. This will be a long way to go, but everyday I am getting better and better.

This is why I learned Typescript, Ruby, and Rust <3 in the past years. I am experimenting with new technologies, going to conventions and continuously improving my Software Architect skills.

Nowadays I am more open minded, and even more passionate. This year /2019/ started to work as PRODUCT MANAGER for a great SaaS company. And slowly releasing a compiler written in typescript to open source.

Oh, I almost forgot! No, just kidding. I would never forget the open source community, sadly I am a bit tight on time, but always contributed to open source, my first commit was in the Zend 1.x framework, and even today I am keeping up open source projects.

What about the future? I don't know, but I will do my best.

Thank You, for reading my rambling ^.^